About Kristy

2012-12-15 20.58.41Kristy Morrison

Kristy is extremely passionate about the Real Estate and Home Staging industry.  She purchased her first home at the age of 23 with her now husband Eric where they used their renovation / sweat equity skills to update these dated homes then stage them for a quick and profitable sale.

To date, Kristy & Eric have lived in and renovated over time 4 residential properties and 1 commercial property (now the Capital Home Staging & Design warehouse)

After creating a successful award winning home staging company Capital Home Staging & Design.  Kristy took the time to author her first book called Competitive Edge -Transforming your home and maximize profits through real world home staging cases.”  She created this book because as outlined in the first chapter “Learn from Past Mistakes” she vowed to never let any home seller loose thousands of dollars by unnecessarily holding on to a home longer than necessarily needed.

Kristy Morrison turned near disaster into a thriving business, founding award-winning Capital Home Staging & Design when circumstances saddled her and her husband with two mortgages, one pay cheque, and a house that wouldn’t sell. Research revealed the concept of home staging and she decided to enroll in Design School. The very first time she applied her new skills the home sold four hours after it was listed and at the full asking price. She was hooked.

One thoroughly researched business plan, a giant leap of faith, countless hours, and over hundreds staged homes later, Capital Home Staging & Design is Ottawa’s leading home stager. Remembering all too well the stress that two mortgages and a job loss brought to her new marriage, Kristy finds immense satisfaction by helping her company’s clients sell their homes quickly and at a better price.

Kristy is also APSD’s Home Staging Master Trainer where she trains and coaches upcoming stager’s all over North America.

Kristy shares her life with husband Eric, dogs (Marley & Buster) and cats (Smokey and Boscoe). Eric is the only one not rescued from an animal shelter. She loves skiing and is currently learning how to snowboard. During the summer, she can’t imagine anything better than time at the cottage and a good book after a long swim.  During the winter Kristy & Eric try and get away to a tropical destination as often as possible.  When she is not working on the business or training new stagers you will typically find Kristy with her nose buried deep into business book.  Dan Kennedy is her favorite business author!

Business: Capital Home Staging & Design
Kristeric Properties -Private

Training: APSD -Master Trainer
Author of: Competitive Edge

NOTE: Kristy’s team performs all home staging jobs under 1 Million dollars.
This allow’s Kristy to focus on growing her business by remaining focused being the driving force with in the business’s growth and excellence.