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Like most people in this world our family & society teaches us as kids to get good grades in school so we can get a good paying stable job.  However this method of job stability has been proven to not work for millions of people world wide. Just like it had proven false to Kristy herself.

Kristy worked hard and graduated from Algonquin College with a diploma in the veterinary field where she ultimately found a job and worked as a Veterinary Technician in a well known international company & Eric was working at Ottawa’s top bike & skate shop as an Assistant Manager helping to increase profits on a monthly basis. After many years working these careers Kristy & Eric both lost their jobs a few months apart from each other. They realized that job stability didn’t exist, and we all know in 2008 no one was hiring. Companies that were hiring were offering low wages and the decent ones that Eric applied for deemed him to be “overqualified”.  This also came right in line when their first home located in Quebec didn’t sell for 1.5 years so the debt load of holding that home + the home they were living in was skyrocketing each and every month. Ultimately Kristy & Eric were beyond broke, depressed and super stressed with the current situation going to school, getting good grades then getting a good stable job has ultimately offered them.

This is when Kristy decided to take her life into her own hands and go back to school to learn the skills of a Professional Home Stager. She immediately opened her own business and got to work each and every day building her business and income consistently. Flash forward 7 years later to 2015 and Kristy owns Ottawa’s Number one home staging company Capital Home Staging & Design (CHSD).  However with the success of the business Kristy found she was still unhappy with high over head costs of furniture, accessories, staff, movers, warehouse & associated bills ETC and the 60-70+ hours she worked each and every week to make an income that didn’t support a good retirement plan. The daily grind was beginning to weigh heavily on Kristy again back to being extremely stress about retirement plans. Though she felt more free and was able a little bit more freedom than having a true “Job”  the ultimate cost of doing business that required high inventory expenses was exhausting.

Kristy and Eric began to discuss avenues on how to diversify CHSD’s income sources. The most natural avenue for most stagers is to expand on inventory rental or furniture sales. After much review of the potential business and expenses amounting to over $750,000 to start with no guarantee of success terrified the young couple.  Then one of Kristy’s valued Realtor partners showed them the opportunity to add a business that required ZERO overhead and only income potential based on customer acquisition! Immediately she knew that this was the answer she’s been looking for and CHSD has expanded to offer telecommunications & essential services to our valued home owner customers.

Now with a strong income producing avenue that requires no overhead Kristy can focus on taking CHSD to the NEXT level while not worrying about her own personal retirement / financial plans. All staging income can be continually re-invested for continual growth!

After creating a successful award winning home staging company Capital Home Staging & Design.  Kristy took the time to author her first book called Competitive Edge -Transforming your home and maximize profits through real world home staging cases.”  She created this book because as outlined in the first chapter “Learn from Past Mistakes” she vowed to never let any home seller loose thousands of dollars by unnecessarily holding on to a home longer than necessarily needed.

Kristy shares her life with husband Eric, dogs (Marley & Buster) and cats (Smokey and Boscoe). Eric is the only one not rescued from an animal shelter. She loves skiing and is currently learning how to snowboard. During the summer, she can’t imagine anything better than time at the cottage and a good book after a long swim.  During the winter Kristy & Eric try and get away to a tropical destination as often as possible.  When she is not working on the business or training new stagers you will typically find Kristy with her nose buried deep into business book.  Dan Kennedy is her favorite business author!

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